Monday, June 29, 2009

Okayyy, just kidding. Harvard Law School it is!

My daughter, Trisha, had what she called a "quarter year crisis" and decided she really wanted to go to Harvard Law School after all this fall instead of NYU. So she checked see if she could have her spot back (she had already officially withdrawn) and she can so she'll be off to Harvard in August instead! They start a little later than NYU so she may be able to come on our family vacation for a little while (in addition to the Hawaii trip she and her husband had already planned and now they'll need a house hunting trip back to Cambridge!). Anyway, the whole thing seems so surreal, but apparently Lloyd and Vanessa had wanted her to accept to Harvard all along so there you go! I'll just be happy with whatever she does and wherever she goes from here -- so long as she uses her God-given gifts well!


i said...

decisions, decisions! so glad i usually only have to make ones like which laundry soap to buy! :) good for her!

Mel said...

One smart cookie!! Good for her.